We specialize in residential, commercial construction and remodeling. When it comes to new construction, we are able to design your project from scratch and build it, or we can build from your existing plans.


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The selection of a contractor is THE most critical decision you'll make with your building project. It is important that you choose a contractor who is reputable and honest.

General contractors are responsible for the day to day oversight of a construction site. In other words, they manage everything so that you don’t have to. They manage all of the vendors and trades which encompass a construction job, and communicate the appropriate information to all involved parties throughout the entire course of a building project. When you use a general contractor, the contractor you hire is responsible for a wide variety of things. A few of these things include:

  • Hire architect to prepare preliminary plans
  • Provide a cost estimate for your project
  • Arrange for all permits
  • Hire, supervise & pay all subcontractors
  • Source & provide the materials
  • Schedule required inspections (HVAC, electrical, plumbing)
  • Gather & evaluate bids from subcontractors
  • Rent equipment
  • Arrange for temporary sanitation facilities and waste disposal
  • Monitor schedule and budget
  • Maintain accurate records

Why You May Need General Contractors

Business and home owners may often need the help of general contractors.  Here are a few good examples of when you might need (or want) to hire a general contractor:

  • Remodeling your home or business
  • New construction
  • Expanding your current home or business
  • Construction project design and ideas
  • Cost management during a project

We are licensed General Contractors in Missouri as well as Arkansas.

Quality Construction Guaranteed: 417-332-7292

General Contractors