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General contractors are responsible for the day to day oversight of a construction site. In other words, they manage everything so that you don’t have to. They manage all of the vendors and trade which encompasses a construction job, and communicate the appropriate information to all involved parties throughout the entire course of a building project. The client – that’s you – their own crew, and any subcontractors they choose to use, usually on the advice of an architect. Prior to beginning, the general contractors must usually assess the project-specific documents, which are sometimes referred to as tender documents. When you use ‘general contracting’, the contractors which you hire are responsible for a wide variety of things. A few of these things include:

  • providing the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for completing the project
  • hiring special subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work
  • applying for building permits
  • securing the property
  • providing temporary utilities for on site work
  • managing the personnel while they are on site
  • providing site surveying
  • engineering, disposing of, or recycling the construction waste
  • monitoring schedules and cash flows
  • maintaining 100% accurate records

Why You May Need General Contractors

Business and home owners may often need the help of general contractors. For starters, it is easier to hire and then release a contractor than it would be to hire on a permanent employee, especially when you take legalities into consideration. Of course, it is also smarter when you think of it in terms of cost. I mean, what do you think is cheaper: hiring on a person to complete a single job and then releasing them, or hiring a person on a continual basis even though you don’t really need their services on a daily basis? Here are a few good examples of when you might need (or want) to hire general contractors:

  • remodeling your home or business
  • new construction
  • expanding your current home or business
  • for construction project design
  • for cost management during a project
  • and many more reasons!

How We Can Help

We offer all different types of general contracting services. You can count on us for all of the following contacting duties, and can be sure that we will always put forth our all into making the construction process easier for you. Here are a few of the general contractor services that we offer:

  • office administration

  • project management

  • contract execution

  • efficient scheduling

We also offer:

  • a site superintendent that will oversee all project operations to ensure that things are running smoothly and according to plan

  • a job site trailer

  • a computer that is wi-fi accessible

  • temporary sanitation facilities

  • trash dumpster

We are licensed General Contractors in Missouri as well as Arkansas.

Quality Construction Guaranteed: 417-332-7292

General Contractors


We specialize in residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and maintenance. When it comes to new construction, we are able to design your project from scratch and build it, or we can just build from your existing plans.